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Morentho Capital

Morentho Capital (Pty) Ltd

We specialize in working with clients from the small to medium sized business sector. We make our clients substantially greater profits through innovative low and no cost marketing techniques.

We offer clients an opportunity to streamline their business finances with access to over 50 business finance sources. We offer process Cost Optimization services which are designed to significantly enhance profitability and extended supply chain.

Morentho Capital Focus

Morentho Capital

Investment Opportunities

Morentho Capital serves as a one stop solution for all projects. We source different types of projects from African and the international market.

We have a database of projects including mining, logistics, property and resources. We specialize in organizing projects for investors or buyers and assist project owners with investment.

Business Finance

Morentho Capital is a Financial house with competitive service and access to local and international investors.


Morentho Capital will assist business make informed and strategic investment decisions with regards all aspects of franchising.

Capital Services

Business Finance
Financial house with competitive service and access to local and international investors 

Intergated, strategic approach. Greater profits through innovation 

Cost Optimization
Meet the needs of your organization at optimal profitability and process cost 

Joint Ventures
Gain the competitive edge in your market place and beat your competition 

Make an informed and strategic investment decision 

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