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Morentho Entertainment

Morentho Entertainment (Pty) Ltd

Morentho Entertainment is a black owned and managed entertainment company. The prime objective of the company is to oversee Films, TV Productions, Promotions & Design, Marketing & Advertising, Music & Recording, Printing & Publishing, and Distributions, We intend to offer all the recording companies the distribution network to show case their material by providing a distribution network.


Morentho Entertainment Management

Morentho Entertainment

Diverse Skills & Expertise

The Executive Member, Isaac Makunyane, has been in the business industry for a number of years and is the founder of several companies including Morentho Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

We use innovative marketing techniques that would assist clients to reach their target market through our distribution network.


Morentho Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

Create leaders in outdoor advertising and Media Production this includes billboards, signage etc.


Permanent - Indoor/Outdoor Marketing - Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Building wrap
  •  Steel
  •  Stadiums
  •  Billboards
  •  Shop-fronts
  •  Containers
  •  Waste Trucks
  •  Marketing Strategies
  •  Branding
  •  Brochures
  •  Banners
  •  Pamphlets
Portable - Indoor/Outdoor Mobile
  •  Gazebos
  •  Exhibitions
  •  Pull-ups
  •  Telescopic Banners
  •  Trailers
  •  Cars
Digital Printing  
  •  CDs
  •  DVDs
  •  Backdrops
  •  Displays
  •  Vinyl
  •  Correx

Events Management

Events Management  
  •  Music Promotions
  •  Music Events
  •  Venue Reservations
  •  Golf day Promotions
  •  Galla Dinners
  •  Conferences
  •  Sponsorship
  •  Awareness
  •  Talent Search
  •  Shows

Entertainment Expertise

Film & Television
Professional and a dedicated services 

Stage & Theatre
International and local productions 

Music & Recording
Management, production and recording of music 

Marketing & Advertising
Innovative marketing techniques that assist clients reach their target 

Printing & Publishing
Print media and printed publications 

Promotion and Design
Promotion of entertainment media both locally and internationally 

Communication & Media
Media and communications expertise, Voice overs, Video editing, Video recording  

Distribution both locally and internationally 

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No 39 Rosettenville Rd

Village Main


Tel: 011 334 0026

Email: info@morentho.com