About Morentho Institute SA

Morentho Fashion Institute SA

Morentho Institute SA

Morentho Institute SA, also referred to as (MISA), is one of Southern Africa's biggest clothing manufacturing companies. ( Fashions, garmetns, uniforms protective clothing, supply retailers, and Wholesalers).. MISA is the multidisciplinary industry for the apparel, sewing products and manufacturing. The company intends to produce for all the South African designers, airlines, hospitals, police, retailers and wholesalers. The company is managed and governed by board of directors made up of owner, appointed directors and managers.

The company aims to play a significant role in Manufacturing, fashion design, production and training resource for the apparel businesses. Every detail of the design reflects our determined attitude towards client satisfaction, through quality control.


Fashion in Africa

Morentho Fashion Institute SA

Clothing Design and Manufacturing

Fashion is a demanding and constantly changing business. It is all about making the right first impression. From the drawing table of dedicated designers and merchandiser's at home and transform the whole process to the simple form of ready-made finished garments.

Our company is committed to providing service with on time deliveries at great prices, and without compromising the high quality standards.

Ready-Made Finished Garments

The company is focusing on manufacturing or producing mass products for big retail companies such as Pep Stores, Pick 'n Pay, Consolidate Stores (Edcon), Woolworths, Truworths, Government departments e.g Hospitals and many more. Edcon is the country's top retailer, with annual revenue of R17,65 Billion in 2006.

Training Academy

Morentho Fashion Institute SA

Fashion Design Training

We offer Diploma and Certificate Courses. The training available to a fashion or clothing designer will not only depend on the course taken prior to employment, but also on the company.

Pre-entry fashion design courses aim to give students an idea of what to expect through practical teaching and placements. However, once in employment, specific development opportunities can be limited.

The culture of the industry is very much that people learn while on the job. Initially, training is likely to be restricted to learning about the practical processes used in an individual company.

Fashion Design Training

Fashion Design Training
Morentho provides Certification and Diploma courses. Pre-entry fashion design courses aim to give students an idea of what to expect through practical teaching and placements. »»

Fashion Industry Focus

Fashion Design
Fashion design expertise and training »»

Clothing Manufacturing
Clothing and apparel manufacturing »»

Export and Import
Exporting and importing of clothing »»

Wholesale and retail distribution chain »»

Clothing production line »»

Art and Design
Art and design expertise »»

Contact Us


111 Junction Hill
Cnr Dekema & Black Reef

Email: info@morentho.com

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